Why not transform your kitchen with our amazing worksurfaces and give a new lease of life to the hub of the house. We have a huge range of beautiful worksurfaces in all colours and finishes to transform your kitchen and home. We supply gloss, matt, smooth, textured and square edged worksurfaces to finish the look of your kitchen.

Performance and appearance are both essential in a worksurfaces , as it’s required to stand up to a variety of uses whilst complementing your kitchen frontal. All of our worksurfaces come with a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee. In the unlikely event of a defect in manufacturing or raw materials, we will replace any worksurfaces quickly and efficiently without charge.


Granite is a one-of-a-kind, natural surface that has an almost luminous look. Stylish and luxurious, it will add value to any home.

It is both durable and resilient; formed by heat and pressure, it can take the heat of a pan without leaving a mark. It is also very easy to keep clean with warm water and a mild detergent.


Marble is the best known and most appreciated metamorphic rock, and its beauty is characterised by veins and bold colours.

The sleek and sophisticated look of this material lasts for years and represents a classic and timeless choice for kitchen worksurfaces.

Being both durable and scratch resistant it is also an extremely practical choice.


Quartz is a great alternative to natural materials. This manmade material contains 93% of natural minerals. One benefit of quartz is its uniform structure and extensive selection of colours; a real advantage when designing your kitchen.

As well as being aesthetically appealing, it also has very good physical properties – it is a hardwearing and robust material. Further, it is not only waterproof and resistant to liquids, but also a highly hygienic material.